On this page you can read about some of the projects we are working on, or have recently completed. Although the names of the customers and locations are anonymised to protect our customers, these cases give a good overview of the type of projects we work with and the type of customers we engage with. 

Some areas - like cyber warfare, anti-industrial espionage training, and bespoke country- and regional analyses for immigration authorities - are forecast to grow exponentially over the next few years and count for a larger share of our turnover in the future. Traditional security work is expected to play a smaller part in our service offering, as we retool and reshape our company for the future.

Our customers are spread around the world and we have expanded heavily in Europe and the Americas the last couple of years, to the extent that our European subsidiary has taken over as coordinating parent company for all intelligence activities world wide. We also see Europe and bordering areas as the most interesting growth market in the short-to medium term, but we will retain our capabilities and customer base in Africa as we grow.


The immigration authorities in a European country contacted us with a request for bespoke country/and regional information, to be used in assessing asylum applications from newly arrived refugees/migrants.

With the recent inflow of refugees from Syria and other countries, European immigration authorities struggle to keep up with real-time information about the situation in different countries of origin. Thalarctos worked with this European immigration authority to define information requirements, design a special information request database and we continue to supply data to this database on a weekly basis, based on our intel from the appropriate countries and regions.

One particularly important part of this delivery is the ability to order bespoke analyses, i.e. in cases where there is especially deep information requirements, the customer can order a bespoke analysis, which may in some cases include our field operatives actually visiting the area in question to gather information. Most recently this was done in relation to a tribal feud in Afghanistan, where Thalarctos field operatives were able to establish the facts on the ground, which led to the immigration authorities being able to make a correct decision based on this specific information that was not available from other sources at the time.


An Eastern European government contacted us with a request to help them source new equipment for their military forces. The request included  armoured vehicles for their border guard forces, and new personal protection equipment for the country's special forces units.

Working closely with the Ministry of Defence in the said country, Thalarctos established a procurement programme which included the two above mentioned projects, and which was scale-able to also include future procurement projects as required.

Producing a comprehensive list of requirements for the two different procurement projects, Thalarctos was able to source all the necessary equipment from different suppliers, both new and used, at prices acceptable to the country in question.

Included in our delivery was a comprehensive training programme to allow Ministry of Defence professionals to continue operating the Procurement programme for future projects, as well as training and methodology to fight corruption related to defense procurement deals.



A major European oil- and energy company contacted us with a request to develop a comprehensive Crisis Management training programme for their staff.

Using our wealth of experience from operating in high risk regions, we devised a number of potential crisis scenarios and prepared these for the use in the internal training programme for the company.

Having selected the first 20 key employees to go through the training programme, we organised for groups of 5 people at a time to undergo the week-long training programme at an undisclosed location which had been set up and prepared for this particular event.

The participants were able to test their own reactions to several highly realistic scenarios and were also taught techniques and methodology for effective crisis management. 

Having put the first 20 candidates through the programme, the contents were revised and updated to reflect new challenges and the next pool of candidates are currently going through this revised programme. As a result of the training and extensive evaluation, several of the candidates have been moved around to new roles deemed more suitable for their specific personalities.

Counter Espionage

A tech company in one of the Baltic states contacted us because they suspected they were the target of a foreign intelligence operation. Working with the company's own technical and security experts, we reviewed current security protocols, developed a new strategy and implemented this in the organisation. The new strategy included both technical and non-technical counter measures, including a deep due diligence of key personnel. 

During surveillance operations as part of the new strategy, our operatives identified the leak and handed our documented findings to the company, which in turn took the case to the security service in the country in question. We then worked with the security service to provide all information we had access to and ensure our clients' rights were upheld in this process.

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