We provide complete intelligence assessments and use both open and closed sources to obtain the information needed to provide our clients with the necessary basis to make informed decisions. Our analysts mostly have experience from governmental intelligence agencies and at times we cooperate with various government bodies if relevant to our assignment.


In addition to intelligence assessments focusing on political and security related risks, we provide an extensive range of corporate intelligence services, including market research/analysis, pre-entry market assessments, and partner reliability analyses.

We provide extensive training services in crisis management and risk management scenarios, where small groups of client personnel are brought through realistic role plays and demanding security scenarios to test response and personal suitability for risk filled positions.

As part of our training services we can design, recruit and operationalise a corporate intelligence unit for most companies, dealing in both surveillance and targeted intel operations to provide management with up to date information.

Our security service offering focuses on personal security while working in high risk areas and aspects of this.


Although we do not provide Private Military Services ourselves, we cooperate with a small number of well-known and professional Private Military Companies, giving us the capability to provide our clients with a full range of security services in high-risk areas.


Included in our security offering is a personal security courier service for e.g. vital documents, samples, or encryption keys for safe communication.

Corporate Surveillance Intelligence


We provide a range of surveillance intelligence services at standard fixed rates which enable our customers to stay on top of the intelligence situation in their markets, the countries they operate in, or areas of special interest. Services are available as one-time purchases or in the form of subscriptions.

Our white papers are available to download from our web pages or can be ordered by sending us an email.


Services include​:

  • General regional and country reports

  • In-depth PESTQR analyses of specific countries and regions

  • Market trend analyses

  • Socio-anthropological analyses

  • White papers on current trends and military affairs

  • Seminars and round tables on current political- and military affairs

Targeted Corporate Intelligence Operations


We provide a range of tailored intelligence services to both governmental and private customers. We spend a considerable amount of time - with no charge for the customer - to understand the real intelligence needs and to assist the customer in defining their intel scenario. Once we have agreed the specific objectives, we will tailor a solution to the specific case, using both own resources and those of our partners where appropriate.

Services include (but not limited to):

  • General intelligence needs assessments

  • Research assistance and Corporate intelligence Operations

  • Collection and analyses of specific targeted intelligence

  • Litigation support

  • Deep level Due Dilligence

Security Services


Our objective is to ensure our customers can operate freely and with as little risk as possible, regardless of where they are situated or have business/field operations. Our security services are tailored to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes and we have the flexibility to draw on resources from a small number of partner companies to ensure the highest quality of service delivery.


Services include (but not limited to):


  • Risk- and Threat assessments

  • Due dilligence and background checks

  • Security audits and stress tests

  • Logistical vulnerability analyses and tests

  • Procurement support for security equipment

  • Corporate counter espionage

  • Security courier services

Training Services


All our assignments include  an element of knowledge- and skills transfer to our clients, and it is our objective that the client will always be fully capable of operating their own risk management strategy- and systems in as short time as possible.

We also provide bespoke training packages for key personnel in client organisations in areas like crisis management, anti-terror operations, anti-espionage operations etc. Our operatives define a scenario and training objectives, and guide participants from the client organisation through the training scenarios. As part of our training packages, we offer a complete solution, including location, meals etc, or we can adapt to using client facilities where this is most appropriate.


Services include (but not limited to):


  • Crisis management training courses

  • Anti-terror/piracy management courses

  • Personal safety and security in high risk areas

  • General regional and country specific awareness training (history, current situation, cultural specifics etc)

  • Russian and Ukrainian language courses

Other Services


As part of our service offering, we include a few services that are not generally available to all customers, but that we provide from time to time for some of our major customers. We will be looking to expand this area of our operations in the future though.

Services include:

  • Military equipment procurement support (both new and used)

  • Training of security- and intelligence personnel

  • Training of front-line medical personnel

  • Provision of extras and "bad guy" personnel for military and security related exercises

  • Testing of security strategies and systems by attempting to break them (always in full and complete agreement with the client)

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