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We are a small games publishing company based in the United Kingdom.

We focus on wargames related to the Nordic region and Northern Europe, and aim to publish games with themes that have not yet been widely explored in the wargaming industry.

Our first game was published in 2018 and dealt with the war between Sweden and Norway in 1807-1814.

We are currently updating this game and will re-publish it this year together with two other games in The Scandinavian Wars Trilogy.


Latest news:

Printing has started on

1814: The Norwegian War of Independence.

We expect to publish this game in May 2024.


The company was founded and is managed by Kai Isaksen.


Kai served in the Norwegian army, stationed on the Russian border and developed a keen interest in the fighting that took place in that region during WW2.


In 2015 he released a book on the Soviet offensive to capture Petsamo and Kirkenes in 1944, based on extensive research in Norwegian, German and Russian archives and sources. 


He has walked the battlegrounds in the Litza valley, seeing the human remains still there,  inspected the German fortification system along the Litza and Titovka rivers, and followed in the footsteps of the Soviet divisions that attacked across the tundra in 1944. 

Kai has played war games for almost 30 years, starting with a copy of War & Peace bought by impulse in 1991. Favourite games include Arctic Storm, 2nd Fleet and Advanced Third Reich. His first design, a small game on the 1807-1814 Norwegian-Swedish War was self -published in 2018, and Pantero Games was born from this. 


Since then the team has grown to include Erik Adam Plough, who was the lead designer on the Norwegian War of Independence game, and has played war games for 20 years, and Thomas King, who grew up playing war games with his father and will work on the viking era designs. 


We publish wargames related to the Nordic region and Northern Europe and focus on campaigns and battles that have not been widely covered in the wargaming industry so far.

Our first game was a low-complexity, ziplock game covering the skirmishes between Sweden and Norway in 1807 and 1814.

The game is out of print, but we are planning a re-design and re-launch of this game in 2020.

The Frozen North: WW2 in the Arctic covers the fighting on the Murmansk front in 1941 - 1944.

The Scandinavian Wars Trilogy

is a series of three games that covers fighting between Sweden and Norway. The games are:

1718: Fall of the Swedish Empire

1814: The Norwegian War of Independence

1905: Days of Decision


We are currently also working on a few game projects covering world War Two in the Arctic region, as well as Norwegian SS volunteer units on the Karelian front.



Together with our partner company, Ulfhednar Games, we are working on two projects relating to the Viking era and the Civil wars in Norway.

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